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Kitchen Farmhouse Table 6' x 33" x 30" with beam legs & matching bench to fit inside legs .

  Eastern white table 9ft x 42 farmhouse table
 with katrina style hand turned legs

 6ft x 2ft x 32" eastern white pine table custom for raised sink vessel in bathroom

6ft x 38" x 30" Eastern white pine dining table
   with Katrina style hand turned legs

7ft x 38" Eastern white pine dining table
 with katrina style hand turned legs
Less Rustic Table 11ft 'x 36" x 30" with Tapered legs

Eastern white pine farm table with shakered
 tapered legs and bench with beam legs

 Great old 1700's eastern white pine makes
 a farm table with wonderful character.

John or Danette Sperry
(706)652-3223 Cell (678) 316-6442 
call for an appointment to tour our house and see our works

Here are a few testimonial received by email , thank yous:

Aug  8/8/11  12:16 am
Dear Dannette,

thank you so much for your wonderful piece of art. We are in love with it. Thank you so much for your warm dedication.
We thought it was a lovely and personal touch. We wanted that 'wow factor' from our dining room table and we got it.
Many thanks and wishing you many more years of making tables like ours!
Zuzana and Adam
P.S. It reminds us so much of our first house in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was 120+ years old with original wide plank floors,
original square shaped nails and the stairs were dangerously uneven from all those years of walking up and down.
So hopefully that will tell you that our appreciation for your table is huge and real. Thanks again.

July 7/14/11
Hi Danette,

The bench/children's table and the jelly cabinet that you made for us are absolutely stunning! It's amazing how you can bring to life what I could only imagine.
 Your custom designs are absolutely perfect and a wonderful addition to the farm table and side board that you made for us several years ago.

Our grandchildren will be arriving in one week and I'm sure they'll put the children's table to very good use.
When the toddlers are not using it as a table, it'll be converted over to a bench for their parents to sit on while keeping me company in the kitchen.

The special jelly cabinet that you created to fit in the "what can we put in the corner of the sun porch that won't block the windows" is a work of art.
Thank you for working tirelessly with me on figuring out the perfect design. I knew the cabinet would be beautiful but it exceeded my expectations!
The personal note from you on the back was lovely.

All of your lovely pieces will be cherished in our family for generations. It was a pleasure to work with you again. We'll send you pictures as soon as we get everything in place.

Thank you, Debbie

Hi Danette,

Hello, hope you are doing well. I wanted you to know that our home
was included in the ajc.com over the weekend. One of the pictures
shows the hunt board and farm table you made. Also in the picture is
one of John's paintings. I believe the picture is 13 of 16. The
caption online and in the newspaper referenced Primitive Folk.


We love our table, hunt boards, and paintings!

Murray Shevlin

Mar  3/08/10 8:56am

I finally had the chance to see the table. Amazing! Beyond our expectations.
 It is currently in the garage because we are waiting for the varathane on our floors to dry.
We plan on getting the table into the house on Tuesday or Wednesday. I will send picture when it is in.
Thank you again fro your help with the shipping (please let Thomas know that we appreciate his help as well).

Feb  2/19/10 10:44am
My table was delivered late last night....Oh your work is soooooooo
great.  I love it!  EXACTLY what I wanted!  Thank you so much....I am


Penny Tierney

Jul 07/03/09 7:46 PM

We got it!!!! And we are blown away! It's beautiful. Thank you so
much for the table and the kind words on the bottom.

A very special table made by some very special people.

Mark, Marnie, and baby Jackson.
Mark Maurino Family

Jun 06/29/09 9:53 AM
Dear Danette and John,

Our kitchen remodel is 95% complete. I wanted to send you some photos of
the table and your artwork. Both have been really well received by our
friends and family. We absolutely love the pieces that we got from you
both. Our friends have been asking us where we got these pieces and where
you are located. We are looking forward to spending lots of time as a
family gathered around that table and John's artwork will also ways be a
wonderful reminder of both of you and how talented and kind you are and were
to us during our purchasing decision period.

Thanks again and we'll stay in touch.


Scott & Micheline Harris

May 05/07/09 11:13 PM
We love it!!!!!!!!! it arrived last tuesday. we were out of town for a few days and i had not had a chance to tell you how beautiful the table and bench are. thanks again! so glad we found you on the internet!!
be well!
Maura Green

Jan 1/16/09 7:16pm
The table arrived and it's gorgeous-what a wonderful addition to our home and I love the inscription on the bottom-
thank you so much Karen  Giuliana

Jan 1/17/09 9:08am
Hi Danette ~
We received our farm table a couple of days ago and it is soooo beautiful!  You did a wonderful job.  It is better than we had even hoped for!  It is exactly what I have been looking for for the past 20 years.  Thank you also for sending me the instructions on how to care for it.  We will enjoy it forever!  
Thanks again!!!~Rhonda McKinney

Hi Danette
I'm so sorry...I've been meaning to write you.  Yes, we received the table and also the chairs I ordered with another company from Pennsylvania and together they look wonderful.  I'm just in love with this table as I thought I would be.  We really appreciate the hard work that went into this and the sentiment you wrote on the bottom.
Thank you so much...

--- On Fri, 1/30/09


Hi Dannette,
I am sooooooooooooooooo excited....she is here and even more beautiful than I could imagine!!
The color is perfect and so warm and all the extra old worn marks are just what I wanted.
It truly is a work of art....You are soooooooooooo talented....I hope you know that!!!
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your beautiful work and I know you put your heart
and soul into each and every inch of her.
My family and I will have the best Christmas Dinner because of you!!
Have a wonderful holiday and I am feeling better already now that she
is here.
Kim Kolloff

Date 10/30/08 8:44 AM
from: Keri.L.Esthay-Miller


I LOVE MY TABLE. Each night at supper I sit down and say to my family " I
Love this Table". Thanks so much.   Keri